Mechanical experts with more than 30 years of experience. We are specialists in boring, finishing, milling and grinding processes. We carry out precision machining on medium and large scale parts (up to 40 Tons and 20 meters long) and we include the possibility of delivering the fully finished pieces including painting in our own facilities

We have 30 professionals and more than 2,700 square meters of facilities.

Our primary customers are machine tools manufacturers and capital goods sector.

Agility and closeness in our service are our pillars without forgetting the objectives of quality - price - time.

We are part of the industrial group:
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Productive resources

Our machining capabilities highlights are:

HECKERT grinding machine

Capable of working up to 20 meters and 40 tons and with great precision.


LAGUN boring machine

Finishing boring and accurately, high volume pieces.

GMP LAGUN Boring Machine (finishing machine)
  • Longitudinal traverse: 5 m
  • Cross traverse: 1.5 m
  • Vertical traverse: 3 m
  • Square rotary table 2,5 m. with a linear movement of 2 m
  • Weight carrying capacity: 30Tn
  • Automatic head changing system
  • Quill size Ø130 with 800mm stroke
SACEM boring machine (for finishing operations)
  • Longitudinal traverse: 2 m
  • Vertical traerse: 1,6 m
  • Quill size Ø110 with 900mm stroke
  • Rotary table of 1.600x1.200mm, with linear movement of 1,5 m
  • Weight carrying capacity: 5 Tn
JUARISTI boring machine (roughing machine)
  • Longitudinal traverse: 1,5 m
  • Vertical traverse: 1,1 m
  • Quill size Ø105 with 500mm stroke
  • Square type rotary table of 1m, with linear movement of 900mm
  • Weight carrying capacity: 2,5 Tn
HECKERT grinding machine
  • Longitudinal traverse: 20 m
  • Bridge width: 3,1 m
  • Maximum height: 2 m
  • Table width: 2,5 m
DANOBAT grinding machine
  • Longitudinal traverse: 3 m
  • Cross traverse: 800mm
  • Maximum height: 900mm
DYE bridge type milling machine
  • Longitudinal traverse: 18 m
  • Bridge width: 2,2 m
  • Height: 1,6 metros
LAGUN moving column milling machine
  • Longitudinal traverse: 12 m
  • Cross traverse: 1,5 m
  • Vertical traverse: 2.5 m
  • Automatic head changing system with 3 heads
LAGUN bed type milling machine
  • Longitudinal traverse: 6 m
  • Cross traverse: 1,2 m
  • Vertical traverse: 1,5 m

Paint Booth

We have a painting booth in our facilities which allows us to deliver finished pieces to our customers. For pieces up to 20 meters and 40 tons. We have the ability to customize including: colours, finishes and textures.

By request. Pieces up to 20 meters and up to 40 tons



Our goal is the proper processes of completion of the pieces from the beginning to the end, on time delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction.

To ensure this, we work on the continuous improvement of our processes, carrying out internal audits to identify and make any improvements necessary. In addition, we have different resources of verification to ensure the compliance of customer requirements, such as :
Vibration Stabilized
Roughness meter
Electronic levels


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